Get Fit in the Park

9 am - 12:30 pm

You will not want to miss this powerful session every Sunday morning!  Please join us in Stinson Park for Rexius Nutrition Presents a Body Combat Demo class taught by Stacey Heckman of Dynamix Fitness! Join us for an hour of fitness at Omaha’s Farmer’s Market each Sunday at 9 AM. Attendees will get a discount to Rexius Nutrition AND some free goodies each week! Be sure to keep tabs on the event page to see what goodie attendees will be fortunate enough to receive that week!

Yoga by Lotus House of Yoga starts at 10am and Zumba by Healing Tender Hearts begins at 11:30am.   There are four (4) occasions where Get Fit in the Park will be canceled due to other events being held in Stinson Park.  The dates are:  July 15, August 19, September 9, September 23.